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Upon electrical excitation, a characteristic change occurs in membrane potential� the action potential (AP). Its underlying cause is a sequence of transient ionic currents. During rapid depolarization (Phase 0), there is a short-lived influx of Na+ through the membrane. A subsequent transient influx of Ca2+ (as well as of Na+) maintains the depolarization (Phase 2, plateau of AP).
Long-term use is likely to cause changes mimicking the signs of Cushing�s syndrome (endogenous overproduction of cortisol). Sequelae of the anti-inflammatory action: lowered resistance to infection, delayed wound healing, impaired healing of peptic ulcers.


The seven ?-helical membrane-spanning domains probably form a circle around a central pocket that carries the attachment sites for the mediator substance. Binding of the mediator molecule or of a structurally related agonist molecule induces a change in the conformation of the receptor protein, enabling the latter to interact with a G-protein (= guanyl nucleotide-binding protein).
In terms of solubility, phospholipids are amphiphilic: the tail region containing the apolar fatty acid chains is lipophilic, the remainder � the polar head � is hydrophilic. By virtue of these properties, phospholipids aggregate spontaneously into a bilayer in an aqueous medium, their polar heads directed outwards into the aqueous medium.


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