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In unphysiologically high concentrations, cortisol or other glucocorticoids suppress all phases (exudation, proliferation, scar formation) of the inflammatory reaction, i. e. , the organism�s defensive measures against foreign or noxious matter. This effect is mediated by multiple components, all of which involve alterations in gene transcription.
Because resistance may develop with frequent usage, it is restricted to the treatment of tuberculosis and leprosy (p. 280). Rifampin is contraindicated in the first trimester of gestation and during lactation. Rifabutin resembles rifampin but may be effective in infections resistant to the latter.


Foscarnet represents a diphosphate analogue. As shown in (A), incorporation of nucleotide into a DNA strand entails cleavage of a diphosphate residue. Foscarnet (B) inhibits DNA polymerase by interacting with its binding site for the diphosphate group. Indications: systemic therapy of severe cytomegaly infection in AIDS patients; local therapy of herpes simplex infections.
This parameter is particularly challenging when formulating a fast-dissolving oral films or wafers. Aqueous solubility7,29 Water-soluble drugs pose various formulation challenges because they form eutectic mixtures, which result in freezing-point depression and the formation of a glassy solid that may collapse upon drying because of loss of supporting structure during the sublimation process.


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