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When distribution takes place significantly faster than elimination, there is an initial rapid and then a greatly retarded fall in the plasma level, the former being designated the ?-phase (distribution phase), the latter the ?-phase (elimination phase).
The most important indications for diuretics are: Mobilization of edemas (A): In edema there is swelling of tissues due to accumulation of fluid, chiefly in the extracellular (interstitial) space. When a diuretic is given, increased renal excretion of Na+ and H2O causes a reduction in plasma volume with hemoconcentration.


Glucorticoid, anti-inflammatory and feedback inhibitory actions on the hypophysis are correlated. An exclusively anti-inflammatory congener does not exist. The �glucocorticoid� related Cushingoid symptoms cannot be avoided. The table lists relative activity (potency) with reference to cortisol, whose mineralo- and glucocorticoid activities are assigned a value of 1. 0.
Among other substituents, the anthraquinone nucleus contains hydroxyl groups, one of which is bound to a sugar (glucose, rhamnose). Following ingestion of galenical preparations or of the anthraquinone glycosides, discharge of soft stool occurs after a latency of 6 to 8 h. The anthraquinone glycosides themselves are inactive but are converted by colon bacteria to the active free aglycones.


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