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Take a bullet in the shop window? Don’t worry about it we can make you a new penis!!


After a tragic accident at age 9, Peruvian Luis Canelo will travel to Miami for reconstructive surgery (The Miami Herald)

This is one of those stories you come across late in the day when all of the words are running together and productivity is at an all time low. For the past hour I have just been counting the lines in my desk and staring off into space. When this gem popped up on my computer screen I couldn’t pass it up.

A teenage boy in Peru named Luis Canelos, 17, accidentally shot himself in the groin 8 years ago. He will have surgery in Miami to get a shiny new penis. According to the New York Daily News Luis almost entirely destroyed his genital region. Leaving himself with just a small part of his right testicle intact.

At $50,000 his surgery is in no way inexpensive. Thanks to the charity International Kids Fun Wonderfund who payed for the procedure, and the Ronald McDonald House, Luis and his father, Roger, will have a place to stay during and after the surgery and come away with no debt.

ABC reports that according to Andrew Panossian, an assistant professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery at USC Keck School of Medicine, the rare surgery, known as phalloplasty, is going to be a challenge. He described it as similar to creating a tube inside a tube and said it requires a specific pattern of harvesting skin, blood vessels and nerves to create the new penis. Then a separate tube has to be run through the new penis for sperm and urine to leave the body.

This is quite an intense procedure. It is amazing that through modern medicine today we are able to give a teenager in Peru to regain his ability to have a fully functional and emotionally fulfilling life.



Sex Workers, Drug Users Protest Stigma During AIDS Conference


Along the “Keep the Promise” march in Washington, July 22, 2012 (Larry French/AP IMAGES)

On Tuesday, a march was held in DC ending up at the White House to protest the stigma behind HIV/AIDS and people who are sex workers or drug users. The agenda behind this demostration is the call to decriminalize the profession of sex work. The oraganizers of the march claim that by decriminalizing sex work it will in fact “encourage people to practice safer sex.”

In my opinion this whole argument is a toss-up. Will decriminalizing the act of sex work really lead to people practicing safer sex? will the abolishment of speed limits lead to less youths getting killed in speeding related accidents? The groups leading this rally are hiding behind the fact the they have been stereotyped over the years and are using that argument to try and make policies that should never even come up.
Legalize sex work? What are we Holland…

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