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Helping Others Help Themselves

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We believe in sustainable health care and projects that not only last in the communities we are supporting, but also in the hearts and minds at home. An important part of GlobeMed is what we call GROW (grassroots on-site work). GlobeMed staff members are choosen each year to go on this internship in Nepal and evaluate our programs and projects like:
1. Healthcare in Spain: What you need to know being a visitor or an expat in Spain
2. Rosary Beads Are A Religious And Practical Accessory
3. Amber In History: Interesting Facts
4. Unveiling The Mysteries Of Amber: An Emblem Of Beauty And Fortune

articles as well as learn a lot about themselves.

About GROW

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Our chapter's partner is Himalayan Healthcare (HHC). The reason we have a partner is to learn from and support each other in this fast changing world. HHC's mission is to create sustainable development programs in the remote areas of Nepal that will improve the quality of life for its people.

About HHC

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The staff at GlobeMed CU is made up of students and colleagues from many different backgrounds, but we are all passionate about advocating health as a human right. This passion with the perspective we gain from our partner allows us to better our community as well as ourselves.

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We believe actions speak louder than words.

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