2015-2022 Executive Board 

Ramya Palaniappan

Internal Co-President

Senior: MCDB Major

Health is a human right. It is this idea that has driven Ramya to be part of GlobeMed for the past three years. As she starts her fourth and final year of GlobeMed and college, Ramya is truly appreciative of the friendships, knowledge and lessons gained from this organization. It is truly special to have a space where Ramya can learn how to critically think about global health issues, while also understanding her own privilege. Being part of a group of students who act as catalysts for change is truly inspiring. Ramya is an MCDB major and is also receving the certificate in public health. Her spirit animal is a Corgi. She loves hiking, can never say no to chinese-takeout and appreciates all things FRIENDS related. In this final year, Ramya wants to create a community where students can actively engage in the movement towards global health equity and find out what GlobeMed means to them.

Garima Bhandari
External Co-President

Senior: Biochemistry

Garima is a senior, majoring in Biochemistry. She was born and raised in Nepal. She hopes to attend medical school in the future and become an active professional in public health. Her goal as the external co-president this year is to help restructure GROW and at the same time, redefine GlobeMed by integrating GROW and our mission towards Global Health Equity. She is an avid Harry Potter fan and hopes to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry some day. She also enjoys Hip-Hop dance, Bollywood movies and painting. She is very excited to experience and learn from what this year has in store for her.

Samantha Webster

GHU Coordinator

Senior: Biochemistry/MCDB

Samantha Webster is the GhU Co-Coordinator this year with Salome Phillip. She is a senior Biochemistry and MCDB major, and has been in GlobeMed for two years. When she is not scouring the internets for topics related to global and public health, she works in a biochemistry lab on East Campus, and attends crazy long meetings as the Arts and Sciences Co-Senator to CU Student Government’s Legislative Council. Someday she would really like to marry her joint loves of science and policy into a wonderful, public health-related career. She is the proud owner of a black cat named Arya and a blue Betta fish named Thanatos.

‘“Pioneering spirit should continue, not to conquer the planet or space … but rather to improve the quality of life.”

-Bertrand Pickard/Samantha Webster

Salome Phillip

GHU Coordinator

Sophomore: Chemical and Biological Engineering 

Salome loves hiking, biking, and Parks and Recreation. She also loves spending time with her friends and family. She is involved with Globemed because she loves the values this organization shares. Salome is looking forward to intelligent debates about the gHU topics this year and the fight to move closer to global health equity!!



Campaign Coordinator

Senior: Biochemistry

Ayush has been a member of GlobeMed for three years now. He has stayed an active part of this student run non-profit because of his belief that everyone should have access to better health, and opportunities. Every person deserves to live and grow up in a community where they don’t need to worry about living to see another day. GlobeMed also provides students in the community with opportunities to challenge, and push themselves and become scholars for future work. This year he hopes to fuel his fire for change, and also ignite the fire for global health equity in everyone around! During his free time he likes to challenge himself by trying new anything from sports, puzzles, variety of games and keep pushing himself.


Tyler Fair

GROW Coordinator

Junior: Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience

This is Tyler’s third year in GlobeMed. He loves that GlobeMed has an incredible mix of people who are changing the world while having fun! He plans to truly enjoy all of the experiences that this year holds for him. In his free time, you can find Tyler singing with In the Buff, an all-male a cappella group at CU!


Jimmy Ferrara

Director of Marketing and Communications

Senior: EBIO

Jimmy is a pre-vet student exploring the role of the human-animal bond in global public health. He also has a passion for film, graphics, and creative writing, which has led him to become the Director of Marketing. Besides taking selfies with dogs, he also enjoys hiking, biking, soccer, running, and reading Thoreau. He was born in the summer of his 18th year when he finally found his home in Colorado from New Jersey. He is open to any questions, jokes, or inquiries about his life and loves to hang out with GlobeMedders.

“Be not simply good, be good for something”



Kianna Nguyen
Director of Finance

Sophomore: Chemical and Biological Engineering

Kianna joined GlobeMed as a freshman to learn more about healthcare around the world.  She loves the passion and inquisitive nature of GlobeMedders and has found this community to be so incredibly supportive and inspiring.  This year, she hopes to continue the tight knit community and find other ways to reach out and find financial supporters of global health equity.  Kianna hopes to go to medical school in the future and to find a career that combines her love of global health equity, healthcare, and engineering.  She enjoys swimming, piano, rock climbing, and dominating at Inner Tube Water Polo in her free time!


Cindy Zou

Community Builder

Senior: Biochemistry

Cindy is a senior majoring in Biochemistry. She is embarking on her third year in the GlobeMed tribe. Her favorite part of the experience is being surrounded and inspired by her passionate and intelligent GlobeMed peers. In her free time, you’ll find Cindy enjoying yoga, spending time with friends, and doing anything unproductive. As Community Builder, Cindy hopes to incorporate her love of yoga and contemplative practices to cultivate a strong and grounded sense of community.

Sreena Karki

Campaign Coordinator

Senior: Communications

Sreena was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. She is a communication major. This is her senior year at CU, Boulder. She loves nature and hiking. According to Sreena the best part after a long hike is good food. Her favorite author is Dr.Seuss. And she loves to work with little kids.


Freshmen: Agricultural Sciences

Giri loves running and jumping in the foothills of Colorado as well as the Himalayas of Nepal. His favorite food is soft grass, but he also loves ice cream. He just started with GlobeMed so he is looking forward to opportunities ahead of him and the fun he knows he will have this year!