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Embrace Discomfort. Cultivate Relationships. Be Curious.

Bring It Back.

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The Grass Roots Onsite Work (GROW) internship allows members of our CU Boulder chapter to build a stronger relationship with our partner, Himalayan Healthcare. This intense and rewarding opportunity involves:

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  2. Inquire: Interns will educate themselves about Nepali language and culture, global public health, and nonprofit organization. Interns will be engage in meaningful discussion to understand the complex stories of Nepal, HHC, GlobeMed, and global health.
  3. Engage: Interns will spend 4-6 weeks on the ground in Nepal working with HHC in the field and building personal relationships with our partner and the people that we serve.
  4. Reflect: Interns will contextualize their experience in Nepal within the larger systems of oppression that shape health around the world.
  5. Express: Interns will find meaningful ways to share their experience with the CU GlobeMed chapter and the wider community.

GROW provides an opportunity for students to engage personally with our partner organization, understand their place in the wider struggle for global health equity, and grow as individuals.