Honorary Mentions

 I. Borgen Magazine:

Borgen Magazinenames GlobeMed- Empowering Youth Towards Global Health.

“To ensure a future for the poorest around the world, it is essential to instill a desire to help within the youth, so that this compassion will drive the actions of generations to come. Luckily, college students all across the United States are taking the initiative.”- Jake Simon author

Today's generation of young people is very progressive and they always have many ideas for projects or for learning. One of the projects is elite writings, where students help other students with homework.

Find more about this article at BorgenMagazine.com by clicking the image above.



USAID GHFP-II has partnered with GlobeMed to support GrassRoots Onsite Work (GROW) Internship programs to create opportunities for interns to become more well-rounded global citizens and changemakers in global health. 

GHFP-II aims to support GlobeMed and various grassroots health organizations partnered in resource-limited communities across Africa, Asia, North America, and South America. This program sponsors a number of GlobeMed’s summer GROW Interns, allowing a diverse group of students to have their first overseas experience in health work.

Find more about this partnership at USAID.org by clicking the image above.


 III. Hearts in the Himalayas 



Caring for the World Films and Debi Lang, an award-winning humanitarian journalist and director, partnered with Himalayan HealthCare (HHC) to bring to light the many lives HHC has uplifted over the past 20 years.

Hearts in the Himalayas is a short film juxtaposing local leaders, medical physicians, and volunteers across GlobeMed’s partner communities of Tipling, Sherthung, and Lapa, against the harsh ‘Everest-like’ terrain. The diverse landscape leads to challenges in providing healthcare, preventative care, education, and income generation opportunities. The director along with other HHC staff spent 2 years filming and capturing just this showing how HHC’s work has impacted hundreds of households up in these ‘forgotten’ hills of Nepal.

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