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Lower caste Nepali women handmake items such as bags, hot pads, ornaments with recycled materials as a method of income generation. Our GlobeMed chapter, purchases these handicrafts and markets them towards the American population. All of the proceeds from our sales go back to financially support these artisans.

This year we sold handicrafts in Boulder neighborhoods during the holiday season with great success! We also had a booth at the Volunteer Resource Center’s annual Eye Contact event in the University Memorial Center in early December. In the upcoming semester we hope to have handicrafts in local stores as well as in the CU Museum of Natural History located on CU-Boulder’s campus. We also plan to have booths set up at local art fairs and other cultural events. If you are holding such events and would like us to present the handicrafts, please email us at .

JeevanKala Products Promo from Robert McKersie on Vimeo.

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