Community Advisory Board (CAB)



Previous registered Nurse at CU’s Wardenburg Health Center and International Affairs Professor at CU Boulder.

Dr. Olsen holds a Nursing Doctorate degree, Master of Arts in Teaching, Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs. She is passionate about global health education and committed to active, engaged learning. Additionally, she was awarded the Scholarship of Engagement Grant, an award aimed to support and strengthen community engagement in teaching and research. Gay Lynn  looks forward to working with CU students and teaching a  Global Health Issues course through the Health Professions RAP.

Dr. Olsen is actively involved in GlobeMed through providing global health education resources, mentoring students, hosting Eboard dinners, contributing monetary donations, and conducting medical seminars for this year’s 2014 GROW Team.

We’re so excited to welcome Gay Lynn to GlobeMed and so grateful for her deep commitment and passion for global health and social justice. We can’t wait to learn more from her this coming year!




CU Professor for International Affairs and Communications, with a focus in Cross-cultural Communications and Managing Direct for Real World Solutions, LLC.

Actively involved in GlobeMed through creating GlobeMed’s first Grassroots Onsite Work (GROW) Cross-Cultural Training Manual and awareness workshops. Intercultural awareness and competency has enhanced ou intern selection process and provides further preparation for students to effectively work alongside Himalayan HealthCare in rural Nepal, for 2.5 months.

We wish her the best and a safe journey around the world with Semester at Sea! Thank you for all your dedication and passion towards improving GlobeMed’s GROW internship program and towards furthering our global consciousness as students. We hope to see you next Fall semester. Namaste Melinda!