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Why partnership?

Medicine always needs development and innovation. Therefore, many laboratories cooperate with others and together solve global problems in medicine. All articles help us to write service - write my nursing paper.

In GlobeMed we believe that change happens through the power of human relationships. Based on this belief, University students across the U.S. collaborate and build long-term partnerships with GlobeMed believes that community leaders and individuals around the world best understand their own communities’ needs and potential. Therefore, students can be effective changemakers by tangibly strengthening unrepresented and unacknowledged community voices to the conversation of global Development. By building one-to-one relationships between students and community-based organizations, GlobeMed thus fosters this dialogue, collaboration, and mutual learning we need to tackle today’s complex global health challenges.grassroots organizations in the most need areas.

 What does partnership mean to GlobeMed?

At GlobeMed, our partnership is rooted in the belief that local voices and vision must drive community change. Change takes time, and real impact takes even longer. Partnership means years of continual support as long as the relationship is fostering mutual value. As the connection between our chapter at CU Boulder and HHC deepens, impact expands and the partnership continues to strengthen as we have seen over the past 5 years.

What is Himalayan HealthCare?

Himalayan HealthCare (HHC) is a non-profit grass-roots organization that supports the most remote lower-caste communities in the Dhading district of Nepal. The mission of HHC is to create sustainable development programs in the remote areas of Nepal that will improve the quality of life for its people. HHC achieves its mission by providing primary healthcare, community education, and income generation programs that enable people to be self-supporting in the long-term.

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Why Nepal?

According to the United Nations, Nepal ranks 138th in the world in overall human development. About one-half of the Nepalese people live in poverty which is concentrated in geographically isolated rural villages and among lower castes and ethnic minorities. Rural healthcare services are at best rudimentary, with government health posts often going unstaffed and undersupplied for years. Nutrition is inadequate; vaccination rates are poor. Access to education is irregular, and low literacy rates remain a barrier to economic progress. Additionally, political instability not only stops the government from being productive, but also hinders the effectiveness of non-profit organizations making a long-term impact. However, HHC is unique as it is one of the few given a 5 out of 5 star rating by the government of Nepal as one of the most effective organizations in Nepal.

Why does GlobeMed partnership work? 

GlobeMed’s partner organizations, including HHC, was started by individuals and leaders committed to improving a community they care deeply about, often the one in which they were born. They understand the community, have the trust of its members, and are committed long-term to fighting for their rights and quality of life. It is only by working hand in hand with these visionary leaders and organizations that GlobeMed students are able to be effective and improve health around the world.

 How does GlobeMed and Himalayan HealthCare collaborate together?

GlobeMed and HHC have a clear sense of commitment to each other. Each summer, the chapter leaders and HHC create and sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Action Plan, which formalizes their commitment to each other for the upcoming year. Each MOU includes a communication schedule, project description, budget, and evaluation plan.

Additionally, the collaboration between HHC and GlobeMed is a mutual understanding to help each other. Because we listen first, GlobeMed students often fill crucial funding and organizational gaps that traditional donors may not be willing to support. We don’t go in with our own agenda, but rather with open ears and minds. We work with our partner to identify what they most need from us in order to strengthen their capacity and deliver better health. On the other hand, while students learn to use their skills and resources at their University to support the partnering community, their interaction with the partnering community also helps them become more well-rounded global citizen through awareness building trainings.



Partnership Action Plan and Resource Documents:

GlobeMed and HHC MOU

GlobeMed and Real World Solutions Cross-Cultural Competency Manual

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