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GlobeMed and Partnership in Nepal – What’s in it for me?

The most obvious perk of being an active member of GlobeMed is  the immediate gratification that comes from knowing that you have made a significant difference in peoples’ lives by helping to fund various projects in Nepal.  However, through your involvement over the years, you will gain as much if not more than what you may be able to contribute to Nepal. In addition to wanting to make a tangible difference in the world, GlobeMed’s involvement in Nepal has become a means for GlobeMedders to learn and acquire skills vital for their professional development. We are very happy that proven medicine appears in Nepal and people are treated at the best level. If you want to know how problems in Nepal are solved by modern medicine just purchase college research papers to know about this.


One of the reasons our chapter is so successful at reaching our goal each year is the effective leadership demonstrated by each executive member and campaign team leader. You will get the opportunity to watch and learn about various leadership techniques as demonstrated by the leaders of GlobeMed. Additionally, as you get more involved, you will have numerous chances to hold leadership position and inspire more people.

Being part of GlobeMed will not only give you hands-on experience with leadership and how non-profit organizations work, GlobalHealthU discussions at each meeting will allow you to learn about a diverse set of perspectives and approaches to tackle global problems. Engaging in these discussions will not only make you more aware, but will also teach you critical thinking skills important for any career you choose to pursue.


An example of GHu Discussion: Talk about social entrepreneurship.


 Since GlobeMed is not only limited to people interested in medicine and attracts people from all areas of knowledge, it will provide you with a platform to meet people from diverse background and share interesting experiences. GlobeMed’s National Office hosts different conferences throughout the year where you will get to join like-minded people in paving the path towards global health equity. The people you meet along the way, the alumni network, and GlobeMed’s community advisory board will be there for you even after your activism in GlobeMed. Get involved, and find your role in this powerful, meaningful, and critical movement now!

GlobeMedders have the opportunity to create their own network of people from the 50 chapters nationwide.

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