G.R.O.W. Internship

G.R.O.W Internship

The GrassRoots Onsite Work (GROW) internship program is crucial to the GlobeMed model. Every year, 3-5 students from GlobeMed at CU-Boulder intern on the ground  in Nepal for 6-8 weeks with our partner Himalayan HealthCare (HHC).

Our GROW internships are not to drop off medical supplies or the like but rather for our members to get to know villagers that are impacted by HHC’s work. Our interns evaluate the projects that GlobeMed at CU-Boulder’s fundraising efforts support to ensure that our money is used effectively and effects villagers in a substantial way.

This year our intern group is Eva, Ellie, Taylor, Natalie and Chris! They have booked their flights and will be in in Nepal for 72 days this upcoming summer! Learn a little bit about each of our interns by exploring the Intern Spotlight pages and keep checking back for the team’s itinerary and research goals.




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