HHC Staff

Bin Thapa Tamang—HHC Field Coordinator

HHC Field Coordinator Bin Thapa, age 60, was born in Tipling and has spent his entire life in the village. 22 years ago, he helped to construct Tipling’s 5-room health post with the support of an American doctor. This was the first time the people in Tipling had access to medical care and government programs. Two years later, Bin met Anil, and began to manage porters for medical treks as well as garden at the health post. As a dedicated nursing essay writing service, we understand the importance of healthcare professionals like Bin who work tirelessly to improve access to medical care in underserved communities, and we are committed to supporting their efforts through our expert writing assistance and resources.

Through his exposure to medical professionals, Bin has picked a vast array of medical knowledge and serves the people of Tipling when the health workers are unavailable. Bin continues to manage porters for medical treks, supervises the construction of toilets and cook stoves, and sits on the primary school and health post management committees. Bin believes HHC’s health programs have been most successful, and would like to help implement more agriculture programs in the future.




Sapta Ghale—HHC Field Coordinator

Sapta Ghale, a Tipling native, moved to Kathmandu at a young age. There he studied commerce and worked in the hospitality industry before entering a career in social mobilization and development work. Sapta, who now splits time between Kathmandu and the Dhading District, has been with HHC for 20 months. Like Bin Thapa, he supervises the construction of toilets and stoves, but Sapta also meets with HHC stipend students and mobilizes  local politicians and community leaders. He and his wife Be, have two young boys who attend boarding school in Dhadingbesi.



Kuman Tamang—Tipling Field Coordinator

After working as a medical trek porter, master-stove builder Kuman Tamang was recently hired on as the Tipling Field Coordinator—a position he will hold while Bin Thapa is in Kathmandu taking care of his ill wife. Kuman will monitor all of HHC’s projects in Tipling, including toilets, cookstoves, women’s empowerment, the Kami income generation project, and the stipend students. In addition to his work with HHC, Kuman serves as the pastor in the local Protestant church.



Chandra Lami Tamang—President SEWA Nepal and Social Mobilizer

Chandra Tamang, a Tipling native, is the president of SEWA Nepal, a community-based organization (CBO) that is partnered with HHC. SEWA provides the material needed to construct a toilet—the pan, pipe, steel, tin, and cement—but requires the villagers to provide their own labor. Chandra monitors the completion of a toilet by checking in with the owner 10 times in the approximately month-long construction period. In its five-year existence, SEWA has helped to build over 70 toilets in the area, and Chandra believes sanitation has drastically increased. Chandra is also working on a water project in the Kami village with the Poverty Alleviation Fund.



Saujan Tamang—Women’s Empowerment Instructor, Primary School Teacher, and Former HHC Guide

With HHC support, Saujan Tamang left Tipling for Kathmandu as a young boy in order to pursue an education. He studied hospitality at university, and worked for his brother’s trekking company before returning to Tipling. He has served as a guide for past GROW teams, but is currently teaching science in Tipling primary school, as well as Tipling’s women’s empowerment program.  Saujan has a young son named Yogesh, and dreams of developing Tipling through tourism.



JeevanKala Handicraft Staff

Gani Marga, Kobita Rai, Juti, Harita Gati, Lchima Marta, and Gesi make handicrafts in the HHC office building. They began working in 2002 and from all over Nepal. Many of the women did not complete much school. There favorite part of making the handicrafts is that it benefits the village.

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