HHC Staff – Bin Thapa Tamang

HHC Field Coordinator

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HHC Field Coordinator Bin Thapa, age 60, was born in Tipling and has spent his entire life in the village. 22 years ago, he helped to construct Tipling’s 5-room health post with the support of an American doctor. This was the first time the people in Tipling had access to medical care and government programs. Two years later, Bin met Anil, and began to manage porters for medical treks as well as garden at the health post. Through his exposure to medical professionals, Bin has picked a vast array of medical knowledge and serves the people of Tipling when the health workers are unavailable. Bin continues to manage porters for medical treks, supervises the construction of toilets and cook stoves, and sits on the primary school and health post management committees. Bin believes HHC’s health programs have been most successful, and would like to help implement more agriculture programs in the future.

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