About GROW

What is Grass Roots On Site Work?

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The GrassRoots On-site Work or GROW internship strengthens the relationship between students and their health partners. Each summer, GlobeMed at CU Boulder sends 3-5 students to intern with our partner organization, Himalayan HealthCare (HHC), for approximately 10 weeks in Nepal. The mutual learning that results strengthens the capacity of impact for both HHC and GlobeMed. Back on campus, students share their learning with the chapter, equipping them with the firsthand knowledge to be improved advocates for the following year.

What sorts of work do the interns do on site? 

After briefly adjusting to life in Nepal, the GROW interns leave Kathmandu for the Dhading District, which is where they spend the majority of their time. The interns are stationed in one of three villages, Tipling Shertung, or Lapa, and will work on a variety of projects while onsite. A typical day might include attending a women’s empowerment class, teaching English and playing games at the local school, interviewing families about their latrines, and holding supplemental grammar classes for older students. These activities strengthen GlobeMed’s relationships with project beneficiaries and provide us the opportunity to evaluate the impact of our monetary support. Click here for detailed GROW 2013 Outcomes. 

How does GROW internship support GlobeMed’s idea of sustainable development?

The GROW internship supports GlobeMed’s idea of sustainable development because it allows us to strengthen our partnership with HHC and increase their capacity for impact. HHC has been working in rural Nepal for over 21 years and has a great understanding of the people, culture, politics, environment, etc. GROW helps us more effectively support HHC’s projects throughout the school year. Furthermore, by pairing HHC with university resources, the organization is able to have a greater impact than it could alone.

What makes the GROW interns unique? 

GROW interns generally have excellent physical and mental health. They have demonstrated a strong commitment to GlobeMed and have a genuine interest in pursuing a career in public health. Furthermore, they have shown responsibility throughout the application process and will work well on a team. A diversity of personalities is best for the team. “Click here to meet the interns

What is the application process like? 

The 2014 GROW Internship application process was as follows:

All students interested in GROW began weekly meetings at the beginning of October. At each of the meetings, we discussed a relevant blog posted the previous week. During this time, the applicants also participated in a cultural training seminar led by Melinda Cain, a professor and member of our community advisory board. In late November, the students completed an application and interviewed for the positions.

If you are interested in applying for the 2015 GROW internship, please contact us at